Rally Contact List


Plan!tNow Contacts: 

Donna Lee: Rally Coordinator for PlanitNow

Email: donna.lee@planitnow.org

Phone: 323-774-2880


Ron Gird: Contact for the National Weather Service

Email: ron.gird@noaa.gov

Phone: 301-427-9331


Tara Murphy: Sponsorships Liaison

Email: taraatplanitnow@gmail.com

Phone: 215-620-3004


Christian Garcia: President of Our Student Advisory

Email: chrisatplanitnow@gmail.com

Phone: 479-249-0589


Evelyn Kruis: Administrator

Email: evelynk@planitnow.org

Phone: 626-399-7311


Southfield Contacts:

Kelly Rembert: Southfield Library Contact

Email: krembert@southfieldlibrary.org

Phone: n/a


Rich Pollman: Warning Coordinating Meteorologist for NWS in Detroit, MI

Email: richard.pollman@noaa.gov

Phone: (248)-625-3309


Paul Gross: Detroit Media Partner (WDIV)

Email: n/a

Phone: n/a


William Johns: Director of Southfield Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Division

Email: wjohns@cityofsouthfield.com

Phone: n/a


Kurt Peterson:

Email: kmpeters@umich.edu

Phone: n/a


Oakland Security: Homeland Security

Email: stoddards@oakgov.com

Phone: (248)-858-5300