2016 YMP WeatherFEST : Tornado Savvy Southfield!

Monday, May 16th, 2016 – 9:00AM to 7:00PM

Throughout 2016, PLANIT NOW, NFP and NOAA/The National Weather Service will partner with U.S. Broadcast meteorologists and their affiliate stations; university and high school student service learning volunteers, academic leaders and local business sponsors in select cities across the country to produce the 2016 YOUNG METEOROLOGIST PROGRAM WEATHERFEST RALLIES!

The intrepid, broadcast meteorologists and their home team stations will be stationed on-site all day to bring viewers and listeners the best NWS-based weather science news of the day, and the fun YMP cast of characters as the rally events explode with kids, fun mascots, face painting, cheerleaders, bands, rally games and lots of fun activities that will inspire viewers to learn weather safety science!

These extremely fun and empowering, weather science-based events will bring civic and city leaders, as well as parents and students together with First Responders together to proclaim to kids, along with fun, weather science icons, that there is strength in numbers and we’re all part of a Weather-Ready Nation!

Citizens of all ages will get face-to-face time with their area First Responders and tour the vehicles that perform the tough jobs during inclement weather. NOAA’s National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office meteorologists and other experts will discuss the weather -related protocols that will save lives and help the community ”move as one’ when severe weather advances.

These rally events are extremely effective in getting easily-learned information to the kids who participate in them, and also give parents face-to-face time with First Responders who will answer distress calls and will help all to understand the plan for severe weather events that will save lives and help these communities move as one when a severe weather episode advances. We continue our mission to help all kids understand the science behind staying safe in inclement weather, and give a boost in the form of scholarships to kids pursuing science-related degrees for the benefit of the U.S. multitude.

PLAN!T NOW and its partners, which include NOAA’s National Weather Service, have introduced the Young Meteorologist Program (YMP), a free digital program that will teach students across the United States about severe weather facts and safety. Designed for students in grades 3-8, YMP is built around a game that follows the main character, Owlie Skywarn, through five severe weather challenges as he, and the player, try to earn a Young Meteorologist Certificate. Through learning about hurricanes, lightning, floods, tornadoes and winter storms, players will learn how to be prepared for real-life severe weather and natural hazards.