Young Meteorologists in Action

As Owlie’s friend Professor West would say, “You’re about to embark on an activity of commendable action to brace and enlighten fellow citizens about serious situations caused by perilous atmospheric conditions. Well done!” In other words, you’re about to organize a service project to help others be prepared for the dangers of severe weather. Way to go!

Getting other kids to take the Young Meteorologist Challenge is a simple way to start them learning about how to deal with real-life severe weather. Use Owlie and his resources to plan your own project and put your knowledge into action.

Help Others Prepare and Survive
Every community has its own unique needs. Your community may be your school, your town or even just your extended family. To meet the needs of your community, think first about the kind of projects that need doing, what you want to accomplish through service, and then form your plan of action. To get started, download the Young Meteorologists in Action Plan and Pact. (insert hyperlink when available)

If you’re new to service, the organizations below offer ideas for service projects specifically with you in mind. Their suggestions and project examples may spur you to action or spark new ideas.

Disaster Relief and Preparedness through Service-Learning
Youth Service America (YSA) engages and educates youth to change the world and suggests you use service-learning to address the problem of disaster relief and preparedness in your community.

Always Ready Kids (ARK)
Get ideas for kid-run projects on disaster preparedness, distributing disaster preparedness information and making individual safety supply kits from the nation’s premier youth-run disaster preparedness organization.

Train your neighbors to prepare for disasters
The Corporation for National and Community Service suggests that by educating yourself and modeling what needs to be done, you can set a great example and pass critical information along to your neighbors to help everyone face a storm properly equipped.

FEMA Ready Kids
These online activities from Ready Kids will help you practice and plan for disasters.

Be sure to report back on your project so Owlie can thank you for your efforts. We want to share your ideas and successes with other Young Meteorologists!

Download your plan here

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