Share Your Stories

Everybody talks about the weather. It plays a role in everyone’s daily lives. Most people have strong feelings about certain types of weather. And everyone has at least one story that includes weather as the main character.

Take a look at some weather stories then write your own! Share your own severe weather adventure or use one of our story prompts to write about dealing with severe weather.

Real stories about severe weather

The Tornado Project
The Tornado Project collects stories about tornado experiences as well as tornado data and video.

InFocus: Floods
This online News Hour website offers real life accounts of what it is like to be in a flood.

Web Weather for Kids: Weather Stories
Web Weather for Kids has a variety of severe weather stories from which to choose.

Looking for more weather stories? See our recommended reading lists for Young Meteorologists.

Severe Weather Story Prompts and the Weather Writing Contest
Check back regularly for new writing prompts in two categories and publish the best wild weather stories we receive. The current categories are:

Every Photo Tells a Story: Write what you see
We’re looking for a short piece of realistic fiction based on this photograph: (INSERT IMAGE)

Weathering the Weather: Stormy Feelings
What happens when you are in a bad mood? Write about a time you were feeling cranky at home. Compare your actions and the results of your bad mood to a severe weather event!

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