Careers in Meteorology

Meet a Meteorologist
Ronald S. Gird is a meteorologist and manages educational outreach for NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS). Ron works closely with all 122 National Weather Service forecast offices across the country, helping their weather scientists make more than 2,400 visits to classrooms every year.

Whither Weather?
In this interview with Susan Kim for the Disaster News Network, meteorologist Ron Gird talks about why the America obsession with weather is the greatest thing since Doppler radar.

Coming Soon: Meet Kerry Emanuel, an American meteorologist specializing in hurricanes!

Do you stay up all night to watch a snowstorm? Are you fascinated by clouds? Do you appreciate a good downpour? A career in meteorology may be right for you!

ZOOM into Meteorology
Amy wants to be a meteorologist and volunteers at a weather observatory. In this adapted video segment from the PBS show ZOOM, she shows instruments used to predict the weather and describes how air pressure affects weather patterns.

National Weather Center Virtual Tour
See where meteorologists work in this virtual tour of the National Weather Center on the University of Oklahoma Research Campus in Norman, Oklahoma

That Weather Show
Check out these podcasts on What you need to know if you’re thinking about pursuing a degree in meteorology and What career options are available to meteorology graduates

Majors and Careers: Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology
Learn about this major and career from The College Board