Fact Sheet: Young Meteorologist Program

Go On A Severe Weather Preparedness Adventure!

The Young Meteorologist Program is a free online resource to bring weather science and safety to kids in your community




For students, learning more about the real-world applications of meteorology is often the highlight of their weather science curriculum. But they are also apprehensive about tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods, especially given the recent increase in major storms. Learning about these storms — and how to prepare for them — can be even more meaningful and fun for kids and families with the Young Meteorologist Program.


PLAN!T NOW’s Young Meteorologist Program features an online game that takes kids on a severe weather preparedness adventure. Players encounter lightning, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and winter storms — all while learning severe weather science and safety. Players who successfully complete the game earn a Young Meteorologist Certificate. The website provides Young Meteorologists opportunities to put their knowledge to work through launching community service projects.

NOAA History

The online learning game is an innovative, digital evolution of the National Weather Service’s famed Owlie Skywarn publication, now starring a 21st century Owlie, who helps kids get prepared for dealing with real life severe weather and natural hazards.

AMS Partnership

Through an alliance with the American Meteorological Society (AMS), PLAN!T NOW receives research and statistical information on hurricanes. Dr. William H. Hooke, senior policy fellow and director of the Policy Program at the AMS, serves on PLAN!T NOW’s Chief Advisory Panel and helped foster relationships with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) and key officials at the National Hurricane Center (NHC). His office was instrumental in the development of the PSA Task Force and the structuring of information compiled for the storm-readiness PSAs. AMS is an important ally in P!N’s development of the Young Meteorologist Program, which is a computer game used to inspire children nationwide (ages 6-17) to become knowledgeable and excited about weather science and severe weather safety.

Press Contacts

Ellen Klicka
American Meteorological Society Policy Program
(202) 355-9812

Simona Georgescu
Adduco Communications
(347) 730-6034


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