Weather Math

There is an incredible amount of weather data available online. Check out these suggestions for how to use it with students to build on their experience, interests, and knowledge and how to develop hands-on activities and real-world opportunities for students to apply their math skills.

Graphing the Weather
The Utah Education Network provides this curricular tie for 4th grade mathematics.

Flood Disaster Math

Hurricane Math
Math Cats offers thoughtful writing and math prompts about Hurricane Katrina.

PBS Teachers Mathline Weather

Tie math to meteorology with these exercises on Temperature Measurement (Grades 5-9)
Wind Chill (Grades 8-10) and Rainfall (Grades 8-11).

Using Weather to Teach Science and Math
Ideas from a real weather scientist on using data for practical applications in the classroom.

The Weather Calculator
Conversion formulas and tools to convert units and values for weather data, including temperature, moisture, atmospheric pressure, wind, and other parameters.

Weather Data Learning Center
Weather Data Learning Center is a math achievement program for grade 4 focusing on inquiry-based investigations and the application of math using weather maps and imagery. Online teacher training is available.


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