Educator Resources

The weather system includes the dynamics of Earth’s atmosphere and its interaction with the oceans and land. Use these resources to gain understanding of the complex, interlinked processes that make up our weather and build knowledge of severe weather events.

It’s one thing to talk about how a hurricane forms. It’s another thing altogether to watch Hurricane Katrina’s power and witness its destructive effects. Watching and discussing thoughtfully chosen videos can deepen student engagement and help them better recall information they’ve learned.

Mathematics involved in meteorology include algebra, calculus, trigonometry, data collection, geometry, organization and analysis, graphing, computation and percentages, estimating, charts, scales, statistics, and a lot of problem solving. Here you’ll find ideas for marrying math and meteorology in classroom.

Materials for teachers, including science lesson plans on weather, disaster preparedness lesson plans, hands-on classroom activities related to severe weather and professional development and learning opportunities for educators.


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